London 2019 – Day 3 Part 3

London 2019 – Day 3 Part 3

After Trooping the Colour was all said and done, the crowd dispersed far quicker than it had gathered. Everyone went every which way! We decided to walk up through Green Park, jump onto the Tube and head north to check out Camden Town.

I don’t have any pics of Camden, unfortunately. It was very crowded and we were very tired by this point. We found a tiny shop and enjoyed our first English fish and chip lunch! Delicious! And just like I used to have back in Australia.

After our lunch, we headed down to Russell Square in search of the storefront used in our favourite show Black Books! It’s actually a real book shop named Collinge and Clark but it wasn’t open this day. It is located at 13 Leigh St.

We hung out for a little bit, took some selfies then meandered slowly back towards the Tube to go back to our hotel via stopped a little corner shop; bought some Monster Munch and laundry soap. We wanted to explore so much more of this area but our legs just couldn’t carry us any further! What an awesome day!!

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